Flowers has special significance like during occasions like wedding, anniversaries, baby shower, retirements, valentines, special sentimental events s like mother’s day, friendship day etc… But these sentimental begin to shatter within few hours or days, as they wither and dry. Lyo Florals preserves memories of such flowers to sustain such sentiments. Customised floral memories require minimum 4 – 5 weeks time for delivery, based on the design needs. Finer details in customized products may demand more time also. Our galleries showcase our work and it gets updated at least 6 weeks

My heartfelt the emotion of sympathy in flowers that poured in the memorial ceremony of my sister-in-law who met a road accident in Cleveland, Ohio in 2009. Similar emotions may be felt by others too. Rare flowers of such occasion can be preserved fresh at Lyo Florals as keepsakes for lasting memory.

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