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Time frozen flowers – Unique gifts for life-time Memories


Lyo Florals flowers are preserved with Lyophylization technology, one of the best methods known to dehydrate and capture the essence of flowers for a long time.

It retain the total quality and safeguards the flowers from external elements like moisture, dust etc .

These are mounted in unique and beautiful 2D and 3D display cases made out of glass, acrylic or wood to enjoy the joyful emotions for years. It meets customers different needs – Gifts, return gifts, special gifts, customised gifts and the list is endless.

Flowers bowls are most ideal for tables in residences; displays on consoles or centre tables in lobby, foyer, courtyards in commercial buildings, corporate offices, hotels, hospitals , Air ports, restaurants etc.

Wall mount décor pieces are most aesthetic when placed against doors, walls, ceiling, columns etc.

Lyo Florals scientists offer services for gifting solutions – personal or corporate events or occasions, festive gifts, welcome and farewell events etc. One can choose the frame sizes and flowers and customize their requirements.


Flowers has special significance like during occasions like wedding, anniversaries, baby shower, retirements, valentines, special sentimental events s like mother’s day, friendship day etc…

But these sentimental begin to shatter within few hours or days, as they wither and dry.

Lyo Florals preserves memories of such flowers to sustain such sentiments. Customised floral memories require minimum 4 – 5 weeks time for delivery, based on the design needs.

Finer details in customized products may demand more time also.

Our galleries showcase our work and it gets updated at least 6 weeks

My heartfelt the emotion of sympathy in flowers that poured in the memorial ceremony of my sister-in-law who met a road accident in Cleveland, Ohio in 2009.

Similar emotions may be felt by others too. Rare flowers of such occasion can be preserved fresh at Lyo Florals as keepsakes for lasting memory.