Lyoflorals Decor Range

Flowers in nature have vivid colors, attractive forms and sheen and varied texture. Nature has blessed us with this beautiful gift to enjoy these fresh blooms. Blooms for Décor treatment brings in freshness to the livable environment. Whether home or commercial spaces, flowers play a vital role that enhances the living spaces, be it a residential living or dining room; Commercial office visitor seating spaces, meeting rooms, conferences, Hotel lobbies or lounges etc. Flowers add special charm to table surfaces meant for dining, work, dress and for console bringing in discrete finishing touch. Selection of right flower decoration for interiors, add a sense of life, enhancing its ambiance and character.

Interior decorators and housewives spend a considerable amount of time to keep interiors updated with fresh flowers. Maintaining fresh flowers is a big task in urban environments and it’s not possible to retain the freshness of the flower for more than 4-5 days. External temperature, light and humidity reduce the flower’s life and flowers wither. ‘Lyo Florals – Forever Memories’ produces preserved flowers to enhance the chi (Positive) energy and for meeting décor needs interiors. It offers a wide range of products has innovative Décor solutions through its unique process of Lyophilization of flowers to preserve the natural beauty of the flowers through a process of freeze-drying where the color, texture and appearance of the flowers. These preserved flowers are sealed inside attractive frames, glass bowls etc., to suit the client décor, design and preference.

Interior Decorators, Artists and connoisseurs of décor are welcome to discuss with us your unique requirements and we shall design, develop and create décor products customized to your requirements. We have our own internal design team and we source the best quality frames to match any requirement color combination and style.

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