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Time frozen flowers – Unique gifts for life-time Memories

Lyoflorals Article Wedding

When a famous Page 3 personality in Hyderabad who has performed her daughters marriage in a 5 Star Hotel wanted to preserve the Varmala (Wedding garland) worn by her daughter and son-in-law she engaged the services of a flower preservation company. The latest trend in Hi-fi society of Ultra High Net worth Indians.
Welcome to rarified world of billionaires with exotic tastes where preserving the memories of that million-dollar wedding forever is not restricted to customized photo shoots, social media viral posts, personnel designer dresses, celebrity twitted wishes etc., Flowers are always used in abundance in celebrity weddings and exotic flowers decorations and personalized floral bouquets are the in thing in any such weddings.

Flowers signify happiness, beauty and excitement, the important ingredients for a much-blessed marriage, all tied in one. The Varmala itself is made up of different flowers such as roses, marigolds, carnations and orchids and many customized wedding floral designs of Varmala cost anywhere from Rs.12000/- to 60000/- for set of two. The Varmala or Jaimala ritual is romantic, special and captured extensively in photo and video memories.
Preserving the Varmala as a romantic memory or the bouquet given by CM or PM as a social status symbol has now become possible due to extensive research and innovation of a talented Entrepreneur Mahalakshmi V Reddy – Founder & Managing Partner – Lyo Florals LLP.
Yes you like flowers and you painstakingly arrange them in vases, bowls, baskets and other containers only to watch them dry and wither away after a few days inspite of all the care you take.

Mrs.Mahalakshmi an alumnus of Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women and Past: Professor& Associate Dean (Retd.) of PJTSAU & ANGRAU.
She has worked as HOD for Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral Program in Resource Management & Consumer Sciences. She has been a Principal Scientist – Preservation of Flowers with Lyophilization process of DST – GOI and Director for Center for Advanced Training in Home Science of ICAR

Lyo Florals was established with motto of “Forever Memories”, Preserving memories forever. People, have been conveying messages of happiness, love and sorrow with flowers for centuries. Lyoflorals offers a unique way of saying this not once or twice but for a life time with art pieces designed with flowers.
Preserve your memories, emotions, feelings, friendships and sentiments with Lyoflorals preserved flowers for special events like engagement, wedding, anniversary, valentine forever.

Mrs.Mahalakshmi’s hobby and passion has inspired her to undertake extensive research into Floral preservation technology. She has pioneered the Lyophilization process through which natural flowers are chemically treated and processed to preserve them for years or decades in secure Air tight frames to retain its inherent qualities.
Just as every piece of art has a rich story every creation of Lyofloral has a sweet memory associated with it.

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