Love is the strongest emotion of every creature God has ever created and out of all the creatures, we as human beings have the greatest ability to express it.

We can be in love with ourselves, our friends, family, girlfriend/boyfriend, pets,  nature, stars, in anything that makes our hearts happy.

Happiness is also keeping the gifts, belongings, and anything that reminds you of a dear one or a fond memory.

It is said that every flower expresses your feelings in one way or the other. However, flowers tend to wither in a day or two but would that mean the feelings of the person  giving it to you wither too? No, right? We hold those feelings close to our hearts and  cherish them, so why can’t we cherish the flowers too?

We are bringing you the chance to restore the memories that you are in love with using our platform.

Be it the first flower that you have received from a loved one, a bouquet, a facilitation gift, a rare wildflower that you picked up or your wedding garlands/flowers. We can  restore them in the same condition as they are for you to cherish them for a lifetime.

Any flower that you are in love with can remain in its original condition that it is so that it remains as fresh as the memory of it in your heart.


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