Get Your Wedding Memories Personalized

Wedding is one of the most dreamt event in everyone’s life. Fresh flowers play a big role in making the event sentimental and memorable. Every bride considers the possibility of preserving her wedding flowers for years of future enjoyment. It is an small memory that allows a bride to keep for the rest of her life besides her wedding ring. In Western countries, this concept of wedding flower preservation is practiced by almost all, with the access to preserve in Lyophiliser, which is time tested Freeze Drying process. Now in India, at Lyo Florals LLP, a premier flower preservation company provides service to preserve special sentimental flowers. We offer to preserve your engagement, wedding bouquets and Wedding garlands and designyour personalised forever treasures to fit to your dreams and affordability.

Your precious wedding garlands or bouquet will be processed in the floral freeze dryer machine for about 2 weeks under controlled conditions of temperature and vacuum pressure. Through this process your flowers will dehydrate in its natural shape. Once the processed flowers are ready for preservation. It can be transferred to air-sealed cases for display. The flowers are then arranged in beautiful see- through cases such as shadow boxes or table top display case or under glass dome. You might even want to have your wedding bouquet just preserved that you may display in a special vase or place in a curio cabinet. Whichever way you select to have your flowers displayed, they are sure to be one of the most treasured memories of your wedding day.

What you need to do

  • Reserve the date of delivery of flowers to Company
  • Deliver flowers in its best state to company within 24 hrs after the event. The bigger the delay, flowers may tend to loos its freshness.
  • After 3 weeks of processing time you will be called for the final design decision of your personalised display case.

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