Beauty and the Beast

Lyo FloralsTM – Forever Memories brings beautiful gift souvenirs to your loved ones. Beauty and the Beast: An ‘Enchanted Rose’, is a uniquely designed product of Lyo Florals. This mystical flower encased in a glass frame is a symbolic representation of shared love between couples, that remains fresh forever.

To recall the Disney story of “Beauty and the Beast”, the garden had many varieties of flowers like Roses, Lilies, Marigolds, Daisies, Hollies, Jasmines, Poppies, Iris, Violets, Tulips, Petunias, Lotus, Hibiscus, Freesia, Daffodils, Camellias, Begonias, Amaryllis and many more. Each more beautiful than the other, but the best were roses of them all. Among the roses, there was one such rose that was the brightest of red, so enchanting and beautiful that anyone would fall in love with it.

In the story, there was an amazed merchant who lost himself in the beauty of the flowers in the garden. He remembered his youngest daughter’s request to bring a beautiful red rose as a gift. Without any hesitation, he quickly plucked the best red rose from the garden. He suddenly heard a roar and turned to see the ugliest and the most ferocious beast roaring at him. The beast spoke to him in between roars, “I have taken good care of you and served you, and you are stealing my most precious rose from me”. The trembling merchant told the beast about his youngest daughter’s wish, but the beast locked him up in the castle. Beauty went in search of her father and found him locked up in the castle. She begged the beast to let her father go and offered to remain as a prisoner. The beast agreed and freed her father and allowed her to stay in the castle. One day, the beast asked beauty to marry him, but she refused. She was still afraid of his fearful-looking face. The Beast still treated her kindly and with a lot of love. Beauty missed her father a lot. The Beast gave her a magic mirror and said, “Look at the mirror and you can see your family. Now you won’t feel lonely anymore.

One day, Beauty looked in the mirror and saw that father was very ill and dying. She went to the Beast and pleaded and cried, “Please let me go home! I only want to see my father before he dies!”. The Beast who was in love with Beauty did not want her to go but also wanted her to be happy. He said to Beauty, “You may go to stay with your father for seven days. But you must promise to return after that. If not, I will die of grief.” Beauty was very happy and agreed. Then she left and went to stay with her father. Her father, on seeing Beauty, felt very happy and soon recovered. Beauty stayed with her family for seven days and more. She forgot the Beast and his castle. But one night, she had a terrible nightmare in which she saw the Beast was very ill and about to die. He was crying, “Beauty, please come back!”

Beauty woke up and went back to the castle because she did not mean to hurt the Beast. She cried and said, “Please don’t die, Beast! I will live with you forever and marry you!” The Beast miraculously changed into a handsome prince. He said, “I was under a curse all these years and could only be relieved when someone fell in love with me. I am now cured of the curse because you truly love me.”

If this story touched you and you wish to express your love for someone dear, Lyo Florals offers the best collection of preserved flowers with a process of lyophilization. Gift a beautiful red rose from our latest collection “Beauty and the Beast”!

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