Bathukamma Telangana Flower Festival

Flowers are the star of celebrations and events all over the world. Preparation and presentation of flowers for different styles marks a big variation in different parts.

Bathukamma is the cultural festival of Telangana state celebrated every year for nine days starting on Bhadrapada Amavasya and goes till Durgashtami festival during September-October. This festival represents the cultural spirit of Telugu people of Telangana who leads a very simple life.

Telangana, turns lush with the arrival of monsoon rains. This usually brings in surplus water to fill the fresh water ponds and land is ornated with generously bloomed wild flowers in vibrant colors all across the uncultivated and barren plains of the region. The most abundant of these are the ‘gunuka poolu’ and ‘tangedu poolu’. There are other flowers too like the banti, chemanti, nandi-vardhanam etc and each of it has medicinal value.

In Telugu, ‘Bathukamma’ means ‘Mother Goddess come Alive’ and Goddess Maha Gauri ‘Life Giver’ is worshipped in the form of Bathukamma – the patron goddess of womanhood, Maha Gauri Devi. The festival begins with the grand ‘Saddula Batukamma’ and the grand finale of the Batukamma festival falls two days before Dussehra. During these days women folk take utmost care to clean up their courtyard to welcome Gowramma, and men gather flowers for preparing Bathukamma. Women starts preparing Bathukamma from the afternoon. They cut the flowers leaving the little length base, some dip Gunugu (Celosia) flowers in various vibrant colours, some scented and arrange them on a wide plate called Thambalam and flowers are stacked in 7-11 concentric layers. These are carried by them in a ceremonious way to the common place for celebrations. All women gather in the place of congregation and sing and dance around bathukamma’s.

The flowers used in Batukamma have a great quality of purifying water. These flowers are then immersed in ponds for natural cleansing of the water. It is something we indeed have to feel proud about the local culture. The scientific approach of the agrarian people towards preserving the resources of nature is celebrated in this celebrative way. Retaining the memories of an event is only possible only by making it as souvenir. Flower towers made my women folk during this festival is unique to Telangana. To mark the beauty of the flowers used by locals during this flower festivals, Lyo florals came up with new products to mark this occasion. These can be used as an ideal gifts to state guests to signify the cultural festival of the State to enjoy the eternal beauty of preserved flowers.

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